1. download the source code from kernel.org or whatever.

2. read the "README" in the directory and that's it.  /jk

3. copy the config file in "/boot/" to "your_src_directory" (eg. /home/xxx/build/linux-2.6.xx/)

    and rename it as ".config"

4. > make oldconfig

5. <Enter> <Enter> <Enter> ...

6. > yum(apt-get) install ncurses-devel

7. > make menuconfig

    (p.s. turn off PAE or Page : Processor type and features --> High Memory Support)

8. > make -j2

    (-j2 means 2 jobs, speed up)

9. > make modules_install install

10. reboot


remember to modify the "/etc/grub.conf" file and change the "Timeout" to a reasonable value

(default is 0 =.=)

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